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Is mobile interference a problem?

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What is Mobile Interference?

4G provides the UK with ultra-fast broadband on your mobile phone and other wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, etc. It is the successor to 3G, or third generation mobile service. 4G revolutionises the way we connect to the internet and will enable lightning quick web access, HD and 3D TV, video gaming, cloud computing all without the need to plug in a cable to your router.

The UK is set to be one of the first countries to upgrade their mobile network. However, there is a downside, due to the radio frequencies used to transmit the 4G service many people, who watch TV through FREEVIEW, will experience disruption to their television viewing.

How does 4G affect Freeview signals?

Unfortunately, Ofcom estimate 4G interference will affect at least 1 in every 10 households in the UK. If you live near a 4G mast transmitting services on the 800MHz frequency your FREEVIEW reception from your TV Aerial may be affected, causing the picture to break up or lost. This is likely to affect all your TVs showing FREEVIEW.

Mobile interference freeview
Mobile interference 4G

How can Mobile Interference be solved?

Don’t Panic! There is a way around the problem. The installation of a specialised TV filter will remove unwanted 4G frequencies and provide uninterrupted FREEVIEW services. Most home television systems consist of a rooftop amplifier and a qualified technician will be required to install the filtering equipment for you.

If you live in an area suffering from 4G interference, you will receive a letter up to 12 weeks prior to the 4G mast being switched on. This will give you plenty of time to organise the installation of a 4G filter.

If you only have one TV that shows FREEVIEW then it is simple. You need a plug-in filter and that will most likely remedy the problem. However, if you have more than one TV that uses FREEVIEW you may need one of our specialist engineers may be needed to install the filter on the roof or in the loft. One plug-in filter will be supplied to you free of charge, if you need a technician to attend it is likely this will also be free of charge.

Flats and Apartments
If you receive your TV signal from a communal aerial, such as a block of flats, your managing agent will be responsible for organising the installation of the filter. We are happy to work with the Managing Agents and if you experience interference we can liaise with your them on your behalf.

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