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How does Sky+ work?

Sky Plus uses a hard disk to record programmes with the same digital quality as live viewing. It has two digital satellite tuners so you can record one digital satellite programme while watching another. All features are accessed through the acclaimed Sky guide that Sky digital customers are already familiar with, making it very easy to use.

Sky Plus is fully integrated with Sky Guide, which means it copes with time changes in programme schedules. New features will continue to be added automatically over time.

Sky Plus FEatures

What does Sky+ cost?
Special Offer - Sky+ Box is now FREE for a limited period

The Sky Plus digital receiver is currently FREE plus there is an installation fee of from as little as £30. What's more, there is no additional monthly subscription fee irrespective of which package you are on. Sky viewing packages cost between £19.50 and £52.00 per month. You can even transfer your existing subscription onto a new Sky+ box. Please call us for price options on 0800 0566000.

There is also an option to keep your existing Sky box and have it installed in another room with a mirrored subscription at a reduced rate of £11.25 per month, or just keep it for free to air programmes. This finally gives you the option to watch 2 different Sky programmes at one time.

Record one programme while watching another
Your children want to watch a cartoon, but it clashes with a soap you have been looking forward to watching. Well now the children can see their programme and you can watch yours later, after they have gone to bed.

Record episodes from your favourite series
You always watch a TV series, but you have been invited to a party and have forgotten to set the video recorder. With "Series Link" it is easy to program Sky+ to automatically record episodes from your favourite series.

Record without videotapes
You want to record Sky One to watch later, but you have not got a tape ready. Sky+ records without the need for videotape, recording on average 20 hours of digital quality recordings. Single button recording means you no longer need to scramble for a blank tape or remember how to set the timer. It is easy to find the start of each pre-recorded programme and there is no need to rewind or fast forward videotape. You can play back a recorded programme while you are recording something else.

Pause Live TV
You are watching a football match on Sky Sports when the phone rings or someone knocks at the door. Just press, "pause" and pick up the action when you are ready. Sky+ automatically freezes and records onscreen action for the remaining duration of the programme regardless of whether it is two minutes or two hours.

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